Two new sea lions join Minnesota Zoo

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The Minnesota Zoo welcomed two new California sea lion pups from SeaWorld in San Antonio last week and they now are available for viewing.

After a week of becoming acclimated to their environment, the nearly 1-year-old sea lions began exploring their public-facing habitat in Discovery Bay on Wednesday.

Hudson and Flynn can be seen in the main viewing area in Discovery Bay, the zoo’s home to many aquatic animals. The sea lions will have access to both their public and behind-the-scenes habitat, according to the zoo.

Hudson and Flynn will be joined by a group of adult male California sea lions later this year.

Hudson and Flynn weigh about 100 pounds, while full-sized adult males can be upwards of 700 pounds. California sea lions are native to the eastern North Pacific Ocean and are known for their playfulness, intelligence and loud vocalizations, according to the Minnesota Zoo.

To visit Hudson and Flynn, tickets to the Minnesota Zoo are available at

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