From the Morning Report in May, here are some cute pet photos from our readers

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The Morning Report, our newsletter, signs off with photos of readers’ pets on weekdays.

In May, the pets we featured included a cat who peruses the newspaper, three Basset Hounds who like to hang out together in St. Paul and a cat who has appeared in the Saintly City Cat Show.

“Thank you for your column and for everyone who contributes to it!” wrote Beth, one of the pet owners who sent in photos of her dogs. “It is always always a heart-warming day-brightener!”

(For more fun scrolling, here are the pets we featured in April.)

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Wednesday, May 1

“Leela, our Shih Tzu, welcomed her new sister with open … paws and a snuggle when we got our Ragdoll kitty, Kiko,” writes John of Minneapollis.

Kiko and Leela

“They don’t sleep together quite this closely anymore, but they do like to chase each other around the condo — usually right at dinner time.”

Leela and Kiko

Thursday, May 2

“This is my dog, Cody,” Liz writes. “His full name is Cody the Dog because we need to remind him that he is not a cat or a human. Cody will turn nine this summer but still acts like a puppy.”


Friday, May 3

“This is Benny!” Peggy writes. “He’s a sweet boy who loves morning walks and napping in the sun. He joined us for the eclipse but wasn’t too impressed.”


Monday, May 6 (Memorial Monday)


“One year ago on May 6, we lost Copper!” Calla writes. “He was 16 years old and made his journey from the Twin Cities to Duluth and then to Southern California where he enjoyed sun bathing, snuggles and treats. His white paws captured the attention and hearts of everyone!”

Tuesday, May 7

“Trouble thinks he is camouflage behind the flowers!” writes Crista of Isanti.


Wednesday, May 8

“Please meet Halle (Hal-Lee as in the actor Halle Berry!),” Beth writes.

“Halle is a spirited 3-year-old Keeshond who provides daily entertainment and as empty-nesters, keeps us young with her energy and spontaneity!


“Halle came to our family nearly three years ago, joining her almost-11-year-old older ‘sister’ Star (who was featured in your column a few years ago). Halle loves slippers, taking dirty socks from the laundry room, and spends a lot of time on two legs doing a bouncy ‘boxing’ move every morning excited to get breakfast.

Halle and Star.

“Spring is a favorite season for her to be on our three-season porch and on the couch looking out the window at the birds and neighborhood activities. We also appreciate Star’s patience with showing Halle what a calmer Keeshond looks like so we can get a break!

Star and Halle

“Thank you for your column and for everyone who contributes to it! It is always always a heart-warming day-brightener!”


Thursday, May 9

“Gray likes to go into the garage after being outside,” Doris writes. “I’ll have give her a haircut when the weather gets warmer.”


Friday, May 10

“Belle is our favorite ‘translocator,’” Dennis writes, “taking shoes, socks, clothing to other area of the house, but never chewing them.”


Monday, May 13 (Memorial Monday)


“My best friend raised purebred Persians,” Eileen wrote. “She passed away in the early 2000s and left me a number of cats. This is Rosie, aka GC Odin Stop and Smell the Roses, who was one of the first Lilac Persian grand champions. My friend never could breed her for reasons unknown until I took her to be spayed after my friend’s passing. She was very underweight and was discovered to have a litter of eight kittens atrophied in her uterus. You can see Rosie here, about a year after she was spayed, and well up to weight. Without the pressures of a show career, Rosie became an incredible, loving house pet and enjoyed her retirement for several years. She passed (of natural causes) in the mid 2000s. I miss you, Rosie.”

Tuesday, May 14


“This is our buddy, Sushi,” Sean writes. “He turns nine this summer and has moved with us from Kansas to Texas and now to our home in Lowertown. Sushi loves sunbathing, taking naps on our laps and playing with his brother Dempsey, who was in the Daily Meow a couple of years ago.

“Thank you for putting these together, we always enjoy seeing everyone’s pets!”

Wednesday, May 15


“This is Claudia, a long-haired, mostly Norwegian Forest cat,” writes Sally Parry of Bloomington, Ill.. “Although she’s never been to Minnesota, she loves to sit next to me when I read the novels of Sinclair Lewis. She also likes sitting on the blanket with the pictures of her face on it (the blanket is from a company called Cuddle Clones).

“Thanks for considering her picture. She thinks she’s pretty photogenic!”


We asked Sally how she found our newsletter.

“I’m the executive director of the Sinclair Lewis Society and have been for over 30 years, so I’m up in Minnesota every couple of years for Lewis events such as the occasional conferences in Sauk Centre and the exhibit on Lewis that was at the Minnesota Historical Society in 2021,” she replied. “This year I visited Rosemount, which did a play version of Lewis’ early novel, ‘Free Air’ and used some stills from the silent film as a backdrop (it was the first silent film made in Minnesota).”

How fascinating!

“Keep up the good work,” Sally writes. “The daily dog or cat picture is a great way to start off the day!”

Thursday, May 16


“This is Lona, a purebred Lynx Balinese who allowed us to have the cat we never thought we could due to cat asthma/allergies,” Chris writes. “She loves to be around people and entertains us every day.”

Friday, May 17

Sookie and friends.

“Sookie the rescue dog — in the pink collar — is pictured here with her friends while her parents, Karen and Patrick, are away,” Geri wrote about her out-of-state grand dog.

We asked if this photo was taken at a doggie daycare.

“This is a private, one-man, full-time doggie care they discovered several years ago, I believe through Rover, ” Geri replied. “He often has six dogs at a time he cares for. Sookie loves going there.”

We would too — looks like fun!

Monday, May 20

“This is Winston and one of several puppies he fostered for service dog organizations,” Teri writes. “Our workload as human parents was truly minimal, as the puppies closely followed his lead.”

Winston and friend.

Tuesday, May 21


“This is my cat, Wheezie,” Gayle writes. “I adopted her when she was 14 from Ruff Start Rescue via Cafe Meow. She is now 17+ and owns my heart.”

Wednesday, May 22

Babe and friend.

“Babe is my daughter and son-in-law’s Covid foster fail,” Joann writes. “She loves sleeping and sitting on the couch next to her people.”

Thursday, May 23


“Here is Lemon catching the skylight sun,” Kara writes. “In the light, you can see in her eyes why her foster mom named her Lemon.”

Friday, May 24

“These three Basset Hounds are friends who get together once a week in Highland Park,” Barb writes. “My Barnaby is on the right, with pals Norman and Alvin, all cooperating for a photo.

Norman, Alvin and Barnaby.

“Here they are busily sniffing the backyard. They are quite a bunch and often have to stop sniffing when there is food to beg for!”

Norman, Barnaby and Alvin.

Tusday, May 28

“Archie is a pretty smart cat,” write Barb and Richard. “Richard often finds Archie absorbing the morning news at the breakfast counter.”


Wednesday, May 29

“This is ‘Bebe,’ our sweet household pet who has been shown in many CFA (Cat Fanciers Association) shows including the annual Saintly City Cat Club show,” Jill writes. “She was shown at the September Twin City Cat Fanciers show at RiverCentre. She has received the highest award that can be achieved by household pets, a Grand of Distinction. She is half Birman and half American Curl so can’t be shown as a purebred. She helped me through a serious health challenge and now lives happily with our family in Eagan which includes Maine Coons, an Oriental Shorthair, a Kurilian Bobtail and Petey the American Curl, who was featured in the Pioneer Press earlier.”


Thursday, May 30

“This is Lexie,” Kristy writes. “She’s our neighborhood watchdog … in that she loves to sit at the glass door and watch the neighbors walk by or alert everyone if a delivery person dares come too close. Occasionally, Lexie will share her door with her cat ‘siblings,’ though usually not for long.

Lexie and friend.

“She loves going for walks and has introduced me to several of our neighbors.I’ve learned the regular passers have invented names for her, like Moop Dog or Coconut. Lexie was actually named after a character from the Scottish TV show, ‘Monarch of the Glen.’

“I adopted Lexie from the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network in 2010. They think she was a puppy mill mama and estimated her age at 3.5 years. She is still going strong at 17!

“Thank you for the pet section. It gives me a smile every day!

Friday, May 31

“This is our sweet and friendly rescue dog Ralph (aka Ralphie) on guard duty on our deck,” writes Cynthia of St. Paul. “His personal mission: keep squirrels on the run.


“I also thought you might enjoy this nearby St. Paul sidewalk quotation with Ralph’s paws as we paused for the pic.”

Ralph lingers by a sidewalk poem.

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