Minnesota, Wisconsin fall hunting seasons set — time to plan ahead

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While many of us are just getting into the summer mode of fishing, camping, biking and paddling, some fall hunting seasons are just three months away, and it’s time to plan for this autumn’s activities.

Minnesota and Wisconsin hunting seasons are set for the fall of 2024, with later-than-usual firearms deer seasons in both states. (Clint Austin / Forum News Service)

This fall will be notable for very late firearms deer hunting seasons in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Minnesota season begins Nov. 9 and Wisconsin’s season doesn’t start until Nov. 23 and runs into December thanks to a very late Thanksgiving date.

Minnesota hunters who hunt in areas that will have antlerless permits available need to buy their license and apply for those by Sept. 5. Hunters across Northeastern Minnesota can expect another season of few or no antlerless permits in many areas after a string of deep-snow winters. But the non-event winter of 2023-24 was a first big step back to higher deer numbers.

Minnesota’s statewide firearms youth deer season runs Oct. 17-20, coinciding with the annual school break. Wisconsin’s firearms youth deer season is set for Oct. 5-6.

Note that Minnesota’s migratory waterfowl season dates listed here are likely but still tentative.

Minnesota 2024 hunting seasons

Aug. 1 — Deadline to purchase bear permit
Aug. 6 — Surplus bear licenses go on sale
Aug. 16 — Bear baiting begins
Sept. 1-Nov. 26 — Mourning dove
Sept. 1-Oct. 31 — Crow
Sept. 1-Oct. 13 — Bear
Sept. 1-5 — Ducks, teal only, statewide
Sept. 1-15 — Canada goose early season, statewide
Sept. 5 — Deadline to apply for antlerless deer permits and special hunts (where available)
Sept. 7-8 — Youth waterfowl, statewide
Sept. 14-Jan. 1 — Ruffed grouse
Sept. 14-Dec. 31 — Deer, archery and crossbow
Sept. 14-Nov. 30 — Sharptail grouse, northwest zone only (closed in east-central area)
Sept. 14-Feb. 28 — Squirrel and rabbit, including snowshoe hares
Sept. 21-Oct. 19 — Sandhill crane, northwest zone only
Sept. 21-Nov. 3 — Woodcock
Sept. 21-Nov. 19 — Ducks, north zone
Sept. 21-Dec. 21— Geese, north zone
Sept. 21-29 — Ducks, central zone
Sept. 21-29 — Ducks, south zone
Sept. 28-Oct. 27 — Turkey
Oct. 5-Nov. 24 — Ducks, central zone, second season
Oct. 5-Nov. 24 — Ducks, south zone, second season
Oct. 12-Jan. 1 — Pheasant, statewide
Oct. 17-Oct. 20 — Minnesota school break
Oct. 17-20 — Firearms deer, youth-only (ages 10-17) statewide
Oct. 19-March 15 — Fox and raccoon
Nov. 9-24 – Deer, firearms, 100-numbered areas
Nov. 9-17 — Deer, firearms, 200- and 300-numbered areas
Nov. 23-Dec. 1 — Deer, firearms, 300-numbered permit areas, second season
Nov. 30-Dec. 15 — Deer, muzzleloader, statewide

For more information, check a hunting and trapping regulations booklet available free wherever licenses are sold or go to dnr.state.mn.us/hunting/seasons.html and click on the species you are interested in.

Wisconsin 2024 hunting seasons

Sept. 1-Nov. 29 — Mourning dove

Grouse hunters will take to the woods Sept. 14, 2024, in Minnesota and Wisconsin. (John Myers / Forum News Service)

Sept. 1-9 — Early teal-only season
Sept. 1-15 — Early goose, statewide
Sept. 4-Oct. 8 — Bear (dates vary for baiting and use of dogs)
Sept. 16-Dec. 16 — Goose, north zone
Sept. 14-15 — Youth waterfowl hunt, statewide
Sept. 14-Jan. 5 — Deer, archery and crossbow
Sept. 14-Jan. 5 — Ruffed grouse, north zone (northern two-thirds of state)
Sept. 14-Nov. 22 — Turkey, statewide
Nov. 23-Jan. 5 — Extended turkey season, zones 1-5
Nov. 23-March 26 — Crow
Sept. 14-Feb. 28 — Rabbits, north zone (there is no season or limit restrictions on hares)
Sept. 14-Feb. 28 — Squirrel
Sept. 16 to Dec. 16 — Goose, northern zone
Sept. 21 to Nov. 4 — Woodcock
Sept. 21-Nov. 19 — Ducks, north zone
Oct. 5-6 — Firearms deer, youth only, statewide
Oct. 19-Jan. 5 — Pheasant statewide
Oct. 19-Feb. 15 — Fox and coyote
Nov. 23-Dec. 1 — Deer, firearms, statewide
Dec. 2-11 — Deer, muzzleloader, statewide
Dec. 10 — Deadline to apply for 2022 spring turkey, bear permits
Dec. 12-15 — Deer, antlerless only, statewide

For more information, check a state hunting and trapping regulations booklet available free wherever licenses are sold or go to dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/hunt/dates.html and click on the species you are interested in.

North Dakota

Sept. 28-Dec. 3 — Tentative nonresident ducks and geese
Oct. 12-Jan. 1 — Pheasant

South Dakota

Oct. 19-Jan. 31 — Nonresident pheasant

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