Dane Mizutani: Why give Draymond Green a voice during the Timberwolves playoff run?

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Most of the Timberwolves fans had already left Target Center on Friday night about 15 minutes after Luka Doncic once again proved himself as the NBA’s most-feared assassin.

After making Rudy Gobert look like Bambi in the final seconds, Doncic drilled a nasty stepback jumper that proved to be the difference as the Timberwolves suffered a devastating 109-108 loss to the Mavericks in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

As the “Inside The NBA” crew interviewed Doncic afterwards, the Timberwolves fans that stuck around to lament an 0-2 series deficit turned their attention to Draymond Green, whose pettiness has made him a villain in Minnesota during the playoff run.

A smattering of people let him have it with a “DRAYMOND SUCKS!” chant that could be heard loud and clear on the TNT broadcast.

“Rudy sucks, not me,” Green yelled back with a huge grin on his face. “What’d I do?”

It was undoubtedly the most egregious case of unprofessionalism yet from Green as “Inside The NBA” has inexplicably given him the platform to spew vitriol to a national audience. The highly regarded television show that has captured the hearts of so many basketball fans over the past few decades has been completely watered down over the past few weeks as Green has used it as a chance to pursue his own personal vendetta against Gobert.

It has been an embarrassment to watch it unfold in real time.

Initially, with the Timberwolves playing the Denver Nuggets, Green criticized Gobert for not defending Nikola Jokic straight up as Karl-Anthony Towns drew the matchup instead.

This coming from Green, who has played in the exact same role with the Golden State Warriors at the peak of their powers, roaming on defense in the NBA Finals while Andre Iguodala took the challenge of marking LeBron James.

Now, with the Timberwolves playing the Dallas Mavericks, Green theorized that Gobert should actually be coming off the bench with Doncic cooking in the pick and roll.

This coming from Green who would blow a gasket, most likely on his beloved podcast, if anybody ever suggested the same thing about him.

The worst part is that Green is so much better than his ridiculous commentary would suggest.

He is a basketball savant who garnered a reputation of being among the smartest players to ever play the game while starring alongside Steph Curry and Klay Thompson during the dynastic run. He has shown the ability to offer insightful analysis during his various appearances on “Inside The NBA” in the past. He seemed to be the heir apparent to Charles Barkley’s spot on set whenever the Chuckster decided he was ready to work on that golf swing.

Not anymore. Any sort of credibility Green had garnered previously has been thrown out the window as his insecurities have rendered him incapable of getting past his jealousy for Gobert.

Maybe it’s the fact that Green hasn’t made as much money as Gobert has in his career.

Maybe it’s the fact that Green has only won Defensive Player of the Year once while Gobert has owned that honor for much of the past decade.

Maybe it’s the fact that Green got himself suspended earlier this season for putting Gobert in a headlock during an altercation on the court.

Truthfully, it’s probably a combination of all of those things, and the result is Green allowing Gobert to live rent-free in his head.

You don’t have to be a lifelong NBA fan to see what’s going on here with Green.

He’s a hater masquerading as an expert. It’s a horrible look for everybody involved.

Here’s to hoping the Timberwolves can turn things around and shut him up.

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