Peregrine falcon chicks hatched and visible on the DNR FalconCam in downtown St. Paul

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Peregrine falcon chicks has successfully hatched out of a nest box on a high rise in downtown St. Paul and the DNR FalconCam will allow people to watch as the mother raises the young birds. The first chick hatched early May 21 out of the nest’s four eggs.

For those watching the FalconCam, the first sign that an egg is hatching is when a small hole appears, called a pip. It can take a chick up to 72 hours from the start of a pip until it is hatched, the DNR said. Although this part is difficult to see on the FalconCam, people will get to see the chicks’ pink and white downy heads when the adults begin to feed them, officials said.

“The DNR FalconCam provides a window into the fascinating world of nesting birds for all to enjoy,” DNR Nongame Wildlife Engagement Supervisor Jessica Ruthenberg said in a news release. “We hope this live webcast generates appreciation for peregrine falcons and Minnesota’s other nongame wildlife.”

The FalconCam became the DNR’s first live webcam 13 years ago. Building tenants at Sentinel Properties provide funding for the live camera stream and the building managers oversee the nest box and camera.

The two adult falcons using this nest box have been identified by the Midwest Peregrine Society as an 11-year-old female and a 15-year-old male. This female falcon has nested in this box since 2016. The male, banded as a chick in 2009 in Indiana, is a new partner for the female.

The FalconCam webpage,, has a link to sign up for updates.

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