12-year-old piano prodigy serenades the White Earth Reservation

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NAYTAWAUSH — Music has been filling the air more frequently on the White Earth Reservation in recent weeks.

Whenever 12-year old Jayme Littlewolf has free time, he can be found in his living room on the piano bench.

His favorite song to play is “River Flows In You.”

Littlewolf has only been playing the piano for a few months. He taught himself by watching YouTube and practicing on an electronic keyboard.

“Usually I would pause the video, and then I would look at the keys and then I would press them,” he said.

The sixth grader said his love for piano music started at a young age as he would listen to it before bed.

Recently he began to think the music would sound better if he played it.

“It’s so peaceful, it’s really, really peaceful listening to him play,” said his mother Amy.

Wherever Jayme goes music fills the air.

“Every time I see a piano, it’s hard not to want to play it,” he said.

“Every town or city we go through, he usually has one of our phones, so he uses Google and finds out where all the piano stores are, can we go, can we go, just to look at them,” said his father Justin.

Jayme said his favorite piano to play in public is the one found at Sanford Hospital in Fargo.

Until late last month Jayme didn’t have his own piano. His community really got to know his talents at a hotel in Minneapolis when his family and others were traveling with the Mahnomen-Waubun High School football team at the state tournament.

Blown away by Jamye’s talent and love for the piano, the White Earth community raised several thousand dollars to buy him his own grand piano to have at home.

It takes up nearly his entire living room.

“It means a lot to me,” he said.

“Really love listening to him play, just for him to walk in everyday after school. He’s so happy to come home and play,” Amy said.

A young kid working on the right tune to success thanks to the community hoping to take his grand love for the piano from his living room to bigger audiences.

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