Tucker Carlson rips DeSantis’ political operation as ‘nastiest’ and ‘stupidest’ he’s seen

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Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson lit into Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ allies during Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest, calling “the people who represent him online” the “nastiest, the stupidest, and the most zero-sum people” he has ever seen.

One of those people — Christina Pushaw, the Republican presidential hopeful’s director of rapid response — appeared to hit back Tuesday, dragging the Trump campaign in the process.

“Hearing that some people find the rhetoric from DeSantis spokespeople vile and appalling,” Pushaw wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “I guess we should do better and rise to the refined level of Team Trump, by calling opponents’ wives the c-word and accusing cancer survivors of faking it.”

A spokesperson for DeSantis’ campaign did not respond to a request for comment on Carlson’s remarks.

Carlson has publicly backed former President Donald Trump in his bid to retake the White House, and his name has been floated as a possible vice presidential pick despite the revelation that he and other Fox hosts had privately bashed Trump during the 2020 election cycle.

Carlson did say on Monday that he liked DeSantis — just not his people.

Tim Pool, a conservative podcast host, agreed. “Ron should have fired the people running his campaign a long time ago,” Pool said during the Monday event. “Politically, and policy wise, we love Ron DeSantis. He’s done an amazing job. But his campaign is a train wreck.”

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