Minnesotans can share negative impact of social media at online site

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Minnesotans who have personally seen the negative effects of social media on kids and teens have an opportunity to share their experiences.

The office of Attorney General Keith Ellison has launched an online form for sharing personal stories about mental and physical health problems tied to platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram.

The move comes as Ellison takes part in a multi-state lawsuit alleging Facebook and Instagram parent company Meta use features aimed at addicting children. In October, Ellison announced he would join a coalition of more than 40 other states in the action.

“By sharing your stories, you will help us understand the harm these platforms are causing so we can better stop that bad behavior moving forward,” Ellison said in a statement Monday.

Social media has come under increased scrutiny from health experts and government officials in recent decades for its addictiveness and potential threat to children’s mental health.

In 2021, a group of state attorneys general, including Ellison, asked Facebook to create a separate Instagram platform for children under 13.

In a 2023 health advisory, the American Psychological Association recommended a greater degree of parental supervision on social media in early adolescence and screening for harmful content that encourages dangerous behavior and discrimination.

The APA also noted signs of problematic social media use, including a tendency to use social media when it interferes with necessary tasks, repeatedly spending more time on social media than intended and lying or deceptive behavior to retain access to social media.

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