Howie Carr: This Bud Light’s for you, Biden

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For the record, since Joe Biden became president and turned the US economy into a dumpster fire, one product has gone way down in price.

Bud Light.

Other than that, it’s been up, up and away ever since Brandon was installed as president in January 2021.

Of course, in the tradition of state-run media, Biden’s demolition of American middle-class living standards is being hailed because… Democrats.

The New York Times’s Paul Krugman says the economy is “remarkably successful, even if nobody will believe it.”

Bloomberg Opinion: “Biden’s Economy Is Great Everywhere Except in the Polls.”

The Washington Post began its daily Democrat cheerleading by saying, “As the US economy continues to improve, President Joe Biden continues to not get credit for it.”

So who are you going to believe, the comrades of state-run media or your lying eyes… or wallet.

Occasionally I ask my radio audience what they’re seeing in their own lives.

The consensus? Prices are way, way up, portions are down, and everybody who’s not a criminal illegal alien living large on welfare is running out of money.

Here are some of my audience’s recent observations on their daily experiences in this “remarkably successful” economy:

From 413 area code: “Daycare was $70 a day for 12 hours and they fed the kids. Now it’s $90 a day for 10 hours, and I have to provide food. Only a 28% increase, but I didn’t get a 28% pay increase.”

From 603: “Mama Rosie’s frozen pasta used to be 2 bucks now 4 bucks at Market Basket. Almost $8 at Shaw’s!”

From 207: “The average transmission replacement 6-7 years ago was around $3000. The average price I’m seeing now is around $6-7000 for a transmission and people can’t afford new car payments.”

No kidding. In 2017, there were 36 new models priced for less than $25,000. Now automakers produce only 10 such economy cars.

That stat came from the Wall Street Journal, which also ran a quote from a house cleaner in Illinois:

“I almost had a heart attack the other day when I saw a box of cereal for $8.99.”

When the RINO swells at the Wall Street Journal notice that the peasants are revolting, as they used to say, then the Democrats have a problem.

Back to my unscientific survey:

Matt: “My son plays hockey and baseball. A hockey stick is $300, used to be a buck and a half. Mouthpieces are 2 for $20, used to be 5 bucks apiece. Skates are up to $600. Batting gloves used to be $20, now $45.99.”

Scotia: “I have a cat, Norton. He eats Fancy Feed. Two years ago, it was 62 cents a can, now it’s 90 cents. The other brand went from 70 cents to $1.39. And those are the puny little cans. Norton’s gonna have to get a job.”

Bob from Plymouth: “My wife and I used to go to the 99, would spend $300-400 a month there. Chicken parmesan was $9.99. The other night I picked up two orders and it cost $37 and change and the portions seemed a lot smaller.”

From 860: “Shake & Bake no longer provides plastic bags in the box to coat your meats in. Unbelievable.”

Steve in Vermont: “I heat with coal. A 40-pound bag last year cost $6, now it’s $12.99. So a ton went from $300 to $650 in one year – a 117 percent jump.”

From 978: “McDonald’s Sausage Burrito, extra hash browns, medium OJ & medium coffee. Used to be $10. Last week $18.”

From 407: “Every staple product I buy at Publix has gone up at least 20% since Jan. 2021. With exception of milk, fruit and vegetables, I seldom buy anything unless it’s on BOGO.”

Farmer Jon in 860: “I’ve got 2023 expenses & 1975 income. Let’s go Brandon!”

Joe, a truck-repair shop owner in rural Maine: “Tires are through the roof, batteries that were 100-150 are now ticking over 200. A brake job has gone from $300 to $400, it’s the cost of the parts, the metals like rotors. We say the parts are all made out of ‘Chinese-ium.’ Biden is just hammering us.”

From 774: “Auto insurance. Just got new policy from $102 to $218 a month. Same coverage.”

From 781: “On Jan. 18 2000 I put 17 gallons of hi-test into my vintage 2001 Volvo at $2.25 a gallon. $38.25. Today at $4.49 the same 17 gals. $76.33. The same cheap gas station I’ve used for years.”

Justin at Boyle’s Bodyworks in Arlington: “All my ancillary supplies are at least double.”

From 860: “A 50-lb. bag of dog food is now 33 lbs. and costs more than the 50-lb. bag did. That’s Bidenomics for you!”

Limerick Guy: “Less than 2 years ago I paid $14 for a 2-pack of Costco brand fiber powder & today I purchased the same 2-pack for $29. Thanks, Brandon.”

Tony: “I priced some tires for a small Toyota RAV4 — $550 31/2 years ago, $850 now and these aren’t race-car super-duper tires. Truck tires are double, from $200 to $400.”

Mindy in Bangor: “Apartment rent used to $500, now it’s $1,200.”

From 401: “My cheapest Medicare Part D drug plan went from $6.80 a month to $15.70 a month. Thank you Brandon for bringing down the price of what you call prescription ‘jugs.’”

Andrew: “My old grandmother used to wring out wet paper towels and put them to dry and then re-use. I thought she was insane. Now an 8-pack of towels costs $30 and guess what I’m doing? Wringing them out like my grandmother.”

But… but… don’t my listeners read the New York Times? If they did, they’d realize how great the economy is.

Randy Newman used to sing, “Mr. President, have pity on the working man.”

Too bad Joe Biden doesn’t know any workingmen, or women. Too bad none of the Democrats do anymore. But I just thought of something else that’s gone down in price since January 2021.

Fentanyl. Maybe it’s all part of the plan.

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