How parents can be more involved in child’s school

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Parents can make every effort to encourage children to make the most of the school experience, including academics and extracurricular activities.

According to the National Education Council, when parents get involved in their children’s education, those children are more likely to do better in school and be more positive about the school experience.

Consider these possibilities:

Attend school board meetings

Many community school boards are comprised entirely of volunteers who work with superintendents and other personnel to advocate for policies and procedures for students. Decisions typically are up for vote, and parents can run for school board positions or simply attend meetings each month and let their voices be heard about various issues.

Attend open houses and conferences

Parents can make every effort to get to know teachers and other staff. Putting faces to names can help parents develop a connection to teachers and vice versa. Most schools have back to school nights, meet the coaches opportunities, open houses, and parent-teacher conferences. Parents can ask teachers and other staff how they prefer to communicate.

Attend school events

Families can make it a point to support students in all endeavors. Whenever the opportunity to visit the school comes up – whether for a concert, sports game, trivia night, or fundraiser – parents can make an effort to attend.


When parents want to be involved even further, they can head committees at school or volunteer with the PTA or PTO. They also can help out in the cafeteria, library or in the main office. Parents who have particular skills may volunteer to provide tutoring or mentoring as needed. Furthermore, parents can volunteer in school-sanctioned extracurriculars, such as Scouts BSA or as sports coaches.


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