A Boston Jewish Community Relations Council group reportedly resigns after members call for ceasefire in Israel-Hamas war

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A Jewish Community Relations Council group has reportedly resigned from the Greater Boston council after members called for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war at a rally last week.

The Boston Workers Circle Center for Jewish Culture and Social Justice has left the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston (JCRC), the JCRC of Greater Boston announced on Tuesday.

This resignation comes after the Boston Workers Circle co-sponsored and participated in a de-escalation rally last week — calling on U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren to support a ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war following the Hamas terrorist attacks. Hundreds of Israelis remain kidnapped by Hamas in Gaza.

Following that rally, JCRC reportedly told the Boston Workers Circle that they would be expelled from the council. The group resigned as a result.

Last week’s rally was “clearly not aligned with the policies and resolutions of the JCRC,” according to the head of JCRC of Greater Boston.

“It is unfortunate that at a time when we are experiencing and expressing a profound level of Jewish unity across the world, a small minority is seeking to exacerbate fractures and divisions within our people,” JCRC CEO Jeremy Burton said in a statement.

“We appreciate the passion by which BWC expresses its concern for Palestinian safety,” he added. “We share this concern for innocent Palestinian civilians who are today in harm’s way in Gaza because of the actions of Hamas. We support those members of our community who express their concern for Palestinian civilian safety, while simultaneously standing in support of the safety of Israelis, including the call for the return of some 200 hostages taken on October 7. However, we cannot support those organizations that demonize Israel, hold Israel to a double standard, and ignore the safety and security of Israel and our community as a whole.”

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The Boston Workers Circle says its position is for an immediate ceasefire, a de-escalation to the violence, and the return of all hostages taken from Israel into Gaza.

“The Boston JCRC has decided that at this moment, it is worthwhile to spend time expelling a founding member and dividing the Boston Jewish community, ensuring that an important voice is no longer at the table,” the group said in a statement.

“The Boston JCRC’s choice to isolate itself from a growing moral cry coming from within Jewish community means it can no longer claim to be a representative body of our community,” the Boston Workers Circle added. “It has already been made clear to us that we are not welcome at the JCRC table. Rather than engage in the lengthy and arduous process to be formally expelled, we are turning our attention to focusing on building a future of peace and justice for all.”

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