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“See something, say something”

I assume this very effective public safety saying no longer applies in the City of Boston (“Mass and Cass crisis worsens,” 10/19).

The picture I saw when I opened the paper was of a man shooting heroin on a city street. This is the part that puzzles me when deciding what should be done with Mass and Cass.

I assume by looking at this picture that the City of Boston is saying it is OK to shoot heroin on a public street or does that just apply to Mass and Cass?

My father used to say when laws are ignored or no longer enforced, chaos will win and it will mark the beginning of the end and that is what is happening to what was once a beautiful city!

Everyone knows exactly what needs to be done but political posturing and non enforcement of laws is how we operate in the city now, thanks Michele!

Michael Westen


Shooting gallery

I am beyond disgusted with the situation at Mass and Cass, in which you continue to  publish pictures of the people shooting up.  Please, as customers we know what is going on out there. I do not think
anybody needs to see these pictures.  Thank you.

Nancy M. Bower

Parsonsfield, Me.

Foreign aid

Taxpayers should realize that the money our government sends in support of other countries to support conflicts with other countries are real dollars paid into our government through payroll and corporate taxes. This is the only source of federal money used to fund our schools, roads and a myriad of other government funded projects. Assuming these countries are in need of international support, why couldn’t this financial support be supplied in the form of a loan rather than an outright donation. Some of these countries have been around hundreds of years before our country was even founded and should be self sufficient by now.

Jack Moon


Evil of Hamas

If anyone doesn’t believe what Hamas did in Israel isn’t evil, time for them to see a shrink. Growing up and listening to my Dad talk about the atrocities the Nazis did to the Jewish nation during World War II made me sick to my stomach and I prayed something similar to that evil never happen in my lifetime. Killing innocent people is just wrong and whatever Israel needs to do to try stop Hamas, I back 100%.

Tony Meschini


Migrant influx

Boo hoo, Governor Healey, I wonder if the southern border states share the pain we are suffering here in the capital of NIMBYism. Not one word was uttered by our state legislature and our congressional delegation for over two years until the illegal immigrant fiasco started having an impact here in Massachusetts. The upside of that is the fact that it kept Senator Warren rantless, and Senator Markey only opened his mouth to change feet. Now, according to Sen. Warren, she and Sen. Markey are working around the clock to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. She would never make it as a stand up comic.

John Lucente




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