Animal Humane Society now caring for 30 dogs from Andover animal rescue after 8 found dead in Cottage Grove

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The Animal Humane Society is now caring for 30 dogs connected to an Andover animal rescue.

Officials removed 22 dogs from the organization in Anoka County after carrying out a search warrant in connection with eight dead dogs found in Cottage Grove. Another eight in the Humane Society’s care were brought in from a volunteer who was fostering dogs from the rescue, said Liv Hagen, Animal Humane Society shelter behavior services and humane investigations manager.

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office, Cottage Grove Police Department and Animal Humane Society “continue to work together to bring answers to our community and care for the dogs removed,” said Tierney Peters, sheriff’s office community relations coordinator. No one was under arrest as of Monday as the investigation continues.

The ages of the dogs being cared for at the Humane Society range from 2½-week-old puppies that are with their mother up to dogs who are a couple of years old. “All sizes, all breeds,” Hagen said.

The Humane Society vaccinated the dogs when they came in, and “we’ll work through individual medical and behavioral needs as well,” Hagen said. “We are seeing initial fear and anxiety from some of the dogs, so we have started treatment for” that behavior. Some of the dogs will require more advanced medical care.

Some of the dogs could be available for adoption as early as a week or two, and others will have a longer road. People will be able to find them on the Animal Humane Society website when they’re ready to be adopted, though the Humane Society points out there are already many pets waiting for a home.

Eight deceased dogs were found along the side of a road Oct. 15 in a rural part of Cottage Grove. They were believed to have been brought into the city for disposal after having died from an illness elsewhere, police said last week. The dogs, all of a smaller variety, were found in the tree line along Grey Cloud Island Drive near Grey Cloud Island Trail in Cottage Grove. The dogs included a Schnauzer and other similar-size white dogs, which could be a terrier breed.

After receiving a tip from the public, Cottage Grove Police last Tuesday executed a search warrant on a house in Cottage Grove. A 38-year-old man at the house admitted to dumping the dogs, police said.

On Friday morning, the Anoka County Sheriff’s office and the Animal Humane Society carried out a search warrant for an animal rescue located near the 15800 block of Seventh Avenue Northwest in Andover.

“The animal rescue, which is not related to the building’s former occupant, an animal training facility, is believed to be where the dogs died,” according to a press release from the Anoka County Sheriff’s office.

The cause of death for the dogs remains under investigation, the sheriff’s office said Friday.

The Humane Society is “only able to respond to these cases because of the support of our community, the volunteers we have, the donors that we have,” Hagen said. People can make donations on the Humane Society website.

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