Sweet Jailianilize drawn to arts & cooking

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Jailianize, who likes to be called Lalie, is a sweet and loving girl. She speaks up for herself but does it respectfully. She tries very hard at everything that she does and finds that she can be successful at most things. Her favorite activities are making art projects, playing with peers, being outside, and just keeping busy. Music, singing, dancing, and cooking are also on the top of her “fun things to do” list. Lalie loves animals and would love a pet in her new home. It takes time for Lalie to trust but, through therapy, she is making speedy progress.

Lalie loves school and has done well, especially this past year. For a long time, Lalie had to be the parent to her younger sister. It can be difficult at times for her to leave her parental role when she is around much younger children and her younger sister. However, Lalie has learned to be a kid rather than a parent and will thrive in a family setting.

Lalie would do best in a home with at least one female caregiver and other children in the home. Most importantly Lalie should be in an active family that will keep her busy, give her structure and much love. There is an open adoption agreement in place with Lalie’s birth parents for two visits per year. Lalie has a close bond to her younger sister in Western Mass. and will need frequent contact with her.

To learn more about adoption from foster care visit www.mareinc.org . Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange (MARE) can give you guidance and information on the adoption process.

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