TechStars, TEDCO, SHRM arm fund new Gaithersburg HR tech startup with big growth plans

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Jocelyn King recalls the days when a seemingly simple labor inquiry from a staffer would take her hours of Googling or thousands in legal fees to answer.

As a human resources professional at high-growth companies like Target, Ocado Group and Stratum Networks over the years, King would need to sift through a long string of labor laws in different states to determine whether her employer was compliant. If an employee requested maternity leave in California, for instance, she’d need to contend with as many as five regulations — six if they lived in San Francisco — that could apply in different circumstances. She was either spending too much money, or too much time, and still wasn’t sure if she was getting the right answers. “Especially because the laws change all the time and they’re very nuanced down to the local level,” she said.

“The idea popped in my mind,” she said, “it would be really cool if there was a way to use conditional logic programming to develop a piece of technology…

Read the full story from the Washington Business Journal.

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