Op-Ed: COVID-19 Is And Continues To Be An Experiment For Global Mass Control

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Mask mandates have been proven to be practically useless for protecting the wearer or the people in proximity. Unfortunately, a majority of our population, the old as well as the young, followed these unscientific government mandates for fear of dying from COVID-19. File photo: Zigres, Shutter Stock, licensed.

SPRING HILL, FL – COVID-19 lockdowns are slowly being lifted. The mask mandates have been proven to be practically useless for protecting the wearer or the people in proximity. One way grocery aisles, plexiglass dividers, social distancing of six feet were also useless. “Track and trace” sounded technologically positive but did not work to slow the spread of the virus. Schools, libraries, churches, sporting events are now open. The number of people in one’s house is not important anymore.

Unfortunately, a majority of our population, the old as well as the young, followed these unscientific government mandates for fear of dying from COVID-19. Above all else, parents wanted to protect their offspring and senior citizens knew they had physical vulnerability to the virus. However, there was a significant segment of the population that refused to follow the CDC mandates.

The CDC’s so called “scientific experts” broadcast their edicts without substantial evidence while cancelling highly qualified scientists that questioned their data and projections which prevented open debate.  The process of not being open to new scientific data and theories is not science, it is a top-down political control of the population. This occurred not only in the U.S. but worldwide and increased the ruling class’s power to eventually establish a one-world-government. This crisis formula of creating fear continues to be perfected until people finally realize the end goal of this technological technique is mass control of the globe.

The global lockdown demonstrated to narcissistic, evil world leaders and egotistical intellectuals how they can create paralyzing fear, that would allow them to curtail the people’s freedom and eventually enslave them. The more they can increase ridiculously restrictive mandates to gain greater power that restricts and eliminates the people’s freedom, the easier it will be to gain a bloodless world coup.  

As soon as the fear of COVID-19 decreased, new potential strains of Omicron 4 and 5 were highlighted.  Using testing on eight mice, the pseudo-scientific community declared that citizens should receive a new booster shot for the new strain. Other new potentially more dangerous viruses will appear as needed. The good news is that citizens are becoming wiser and more aware of “experts” like Dr. Anthony Fauci who can use their platform to spew lies to advance their career.

Dr. Fauci boldface lied to Dr. Rand Paul in a Congressional Hearing that he had no connection to the Chinese Wuhan lab. He emphatically insisted that it was not financed by American tax dollars. Fauci forcefully asserted Its purpose was not to enhance the viruses’ detrimental effect and to be more transmittable, and difficult to curtail. Dr. Fauci denied any participation in the Chinese experiments to develop more virulent viruses that could cause a worldwide epidemic. Newly released documents show that Dr. Fauci is a sophisticated liar.

Although the COVID-19 epidemic is ebbing, California is calling for school shutdowns and compulsory mask wearing. In Washington, D.C. unvaccinated students will not permitted to attend school. There will be no online classes, so the students will not receive even academic instruction online. Many psychologists remarked that the shutdowns took a toll on children’s social and psychological development as well as delayed academic skills in reading and math, that will take years to remedy, if ever. These unprepared students will eventually come of age to join the labor market ill prepared to make a positive impact on our economy. Our economic future is bleak which has weakened America on every front. The U.S. is no longer the world leader inspiring other nations through our freedom, military dominance, technological innovation and with economic strength.

The COVID-19 pandemic was used to change the U.S. voting laws to allow universal mail in voting. Are Klaus Schwab of the World Economic forum and his cabal of world leaders going to win by spreading fearful scientific lies that frighten citizens into being zombies? Destroying the U.S. economy through these mandates will increase illness and death to panic others that weakens the nation.

This scheme by the world leaders is nothing more than psyops to crush the will of the people. These changes would usher in mass mind control. Some weak people will still run to whatever is introduced by the government elite and intellectual allies who want to control the people by proclamation from the top down. According to their mission, independent, free-thinking people must be eliminated.

The American people know these “scientific” edicts did not work in the past several years. This central planning is an attempt to remove our God given freedoms to control all the nations of the world. It is slavery for all of us except the wealthy and media elites.

Our forefathers worked and fought for retaining our constitutional republic. We need not to give up our individual freedoms out of fear. We need to stand up to preserve our Godly life, that has allowed us to innovate and prosper like no other civilization.

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