Op-Ed: Biden’s Weaknesses, Mistakes and Poor Decisions Invite Disaster

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President Joe Biden
We are watching the unfolding of another World War. The pieces are neatly fitting together as if assembled by a jigsaw puzzle artist. And our elected leader in the White House, most probably curled up in his Lazy Boy, sucking his thumb, has no understanding of the disaster he’s leading us into by his gross incompetence negligence and weakness. We are in deep doo. File photo: Nick Raille, Shutterstock.com, licensed.

BOCA RATON, FL – To those of us with any inkling of history, the current world situation should be causing not only sleepless nights but days of nail biting, dread and concern. We are watching the unfolding of another World War. The pieces are neatly fitting into one another as if assembled by a jigsaw puzzle artist. And our elected leader in the White House, most probably curled up in his Lazy Boy, sucking his thumb, has no understanding of the disaster he’s leading us into by his gross incompetence negligence and weakness. Face it, he’s out of it and the autocrat dictators of Russia, China, Iran and even lunatic-run North Korea, well aware of our nation’s lack of leadership, are ready to pounce. We are talking about a replay of the early 1940’s when Japan in Asia, together with European nations, Germany and Italy joined forces to form the Axis. They would have conquered the planet were it not for the courageous actions of England’s Churchill and our own FDR. They, together with Russia’s Stalin (who fought on our side only because his former ally, Germany, stabbed him in the back) formed the Allies to defeat the forces of evil on the battlefields. The likes of those leaders are now, no-where to be seen. We are in deep doo.

This new Axis alliance, with China as its leader is more dangerous than the one of old. China has one and one half billion people at its disposal and cares not one iota how many millions of them have to be sacrificed in a battle for world conquest. Throw in the sad fact that the world is now totally dependent on the products this Asian giant pumps out with their millions of forced laborers. From the shelves of the Dollar Stores to those of Walmart, Amazon, the clothes we wear, Apple products, car parts, all are shipped to us from mainland China. And guess who even owns the Volvo car giant? Non other than the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group… of course, Chinese. And don’t even try to guess where most of our pharmaceuticals are produced. You guessed it: The same country responsible for the Covid Plague. And let’s not gloss over China’s promised take over of Taiwan which it is torturing with daily military over flights and missile near-hit launches. When the Olympics are over, watch for the forceful invasion of that tiny but brave island nation.

And speaking of the games, where is President Biden on the easy question of handling our nation’s participation in those Winter Olympics currently being held in China? Rather than boldly forbidding our athletes to put their lives at risk stepping foot in that totalitarian nation, he meekly ordered a diplomatic boycott of the games, whatever that means. When White House spokesperson Psaki was asked by a reporter if Biden planned to watch the Olympics, she replied: “Yes, absolutely. We all do. I would encourage all of you to do the same. We are looking forward to it.” Evidently Biden forgot (again) that he had called for a diplomatic boycott, yet he would sit in front of the screen to enjoy a Chinese product. A joke and a missed opportunity to give China a peaceful but strong black eye. The guy’s a weakling and a coward.

Those viewing any news program are well aware of Russia’s huge preparation for the invasion of Ukraine. As president, Trump successfully threatened and warned Putin to keep his hands off that nation. Now that Trump is out of office and power, Vladimir, the Russian Bear, knows that he’s got the green light to attack. Biden made Germany and the rest of Europe dependent on Russian oil and gas with his stupid nod of approval of Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Europe. If the European NATO nations rush in the defense of Ukraine, how would they fuel their military and heat their homes without Russian energy sources on which they are now totally dependent? Biden’s reduction not only of our own massive domestic energy production but the exports of our oversupply of gas and oil to Europe sealed the fate of that continent. They are now owned lock stock and (oil) barrel by the Soviets. Biden’s fault.

And Iran is licking its chops to take advantage of the world’s turmoil with its announcement that it will be nuclear weapon ready within a mere month. Its financed, trained and armed Houthi forces in Yemen are threatening the Saudis and their oil fields. Biden, as soon as he entered office, removed President Trump’s designation of that rebel group as a terrorist entity. Sleepy Joe gave that terrorist group international respectability by his dumb action. You can’t make this up. And Iran, with its soon to be operational nuclear weaponry and its capable rocket delivery system, thanks to the Obama/Biden team, will take aim at Israel. Its troops are now at the Jewish State’s northern border, armed with tens of thousands of rockets. They will coordinate with the other Axis powers to time its actions with theirs. We can’t be militarily at more than one place at the same time, thanks to Biden’s crippling of our military with Social Justice nonsense and dollar reductions. Biden’s decisions cripple us.

And let’s not forget North Korea’s lunatic leader, Kim Jung-Un, also a nuclear weapon-club member. His long range rocket test firings seem to be nearing perfection meaning our west coast and Japan are in its cross hairs. He’s nuts enough to join in the melee when it starts. Russia, China, North Korea and Iran make up our saber rattling Axis enemies. And they are our foes, no matter what they say. Just watch what they do. And don’t forget Biden’s crippling of our nation with the opening of our borders to millions of illegals who are now secretly and even openly invading our country. Not only are they illegals, there are criminals among them, they carry the Covid viruses and diseases not yet identified and they also are made up of possible terrorists from around the world. We’ll fight for the borders of Ukraine but keep ours open to one and all. Biden’s stupidity.

He’s been in office just one year and he’s already identified himself as a quickly deteriorating, incompetent, ignorant and mentally unfit to govern president. And to make matters worse, his replacement is far less capable in every named respect. We are in big trouble with our leadership at his point in time; no way out. We are, as always, in G-d’s hands. Now, more so than ever.

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