Your guide to great Valentine’s Day gifts to give & get

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This Valentine’s Day — make that this entire blizzard-y season — is about comfort and happiness. As in: getting through the snow bomb cyclones and the school cancellations and the omicron surge and everything else by making myself and everyone I love feel as comfortable and as happy as possible. So with that in mind, I’ve got a few ideas for Valentine’s Day gift ideas (for friends or sweeties — or for yourself) to do just that.

Let’s start with the perfect pjs: J. Crew’s Eco Dreamiest Long-sleeve Pajama Set ($56.99 on is about the softest thing you could possibly put on. On top of being cozy, they’re made of a viscose sourced from responsibly managed forests (meaning less water and lower fossil fuel emissions), so your happy sleep wins out, and so does the planet.

J. Crew’s Eco Dreamiest Long-Sleeve Pajama Set (Photo

Have you got a friend or boo who loves adding extra sweet sprinklings onto foods as much as I do? They’ll adore digging into the “Live The Sweet Life” collection ($24 on The cute and colorful set of jars is all they need to easily create even yummier treats — the Posy Sugar (vanilla bean cane sugar infused with lavender, hibiscus petals, and rose petals) is a game changer in a cup of hot tea or on the rim of a cocktail. But there’s also a wild blueberry sugar (so, so good on any pastries), Dark Dutch Cocoa Powder and Masala Chai Spice Blend that’s as delish steeped in warm milk as it is added to your favorite coffee cake recipe.

Live the Sweet Life collection from (Photo

If you’d rather hand them something already baked to perfection, check out Levain Bakery. Boston’s brand-new and first location of the famous NYC bakery opens Feb. 9 at 180 Newbury St., where you can buy their brand-new Chocolate Lover’s Box (containing their incredible chocolate chip and dark chocolate chocolate chip cookies), packaged in a heart-covered box. Or you can order the same package online in a blue box, filled with eight cookies ($49 on

Levain’s assorted cookies, packaged for the holiday. (Photo Mark Weinberg)

Is your beloved more of a chocolate purist type, for whom no amount of chocolate is ever enough? Then hand them the Valentine Truffle Collection by Hilliards ($49.95 on The Massachusetts company makes some of the most luscious and big (as in, almost two-bite-sized) truffles around. The assortment’s heavy on deep and decadent flavors — like the strawberry champagne truffle the Irish cream and Grand Marnier.

Or maybe you’re more about the message than the indulgence? This one’s for any friends or loved ones who could use a little loving lift — the “You’re Awesome” Box by Real Cookies ($26 on The Connecticut company is helmed by longtime friends Lauren Berger and Marla Felton, and their limited edition Valentine’s Day box is filled with gluten-free numbers like lemon-blueberry and chocolate chip. But the cutest part is the little pop-up notecards, with all kinds of inspirational message.

And if all of that doesn’t have you and yours feeling blissful enough, spark up something that perfumes your whole abode. Nest’s Rose Noir & Oud candle ($46 on is sultry and romantic, with hints of sweetness and light spice that make any room feel like a place you just want to curl up and hang out. I can’t wait to light one up in my house — which means I’m not just giving them out, I’m asking to get one, too.

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